Telephone Application Available For Life Insurance

Obtaining life insurance just got easier. We have recently launched a new platform to compete our life insurance application—the TeleApp! This easy-to-use development is just another way Sentinel is innovating our processes to ensure our clients and agents have the best possible experience! A telephone application (TeleApp) direct line has been implemented where both agents… Continue reading Telephone Application Available For Life Insurance

How Do Annuity Riders Work?

So you are considering placing some of your hard-earned money into an annuity.  Good for you!  An annuity can be a very smart and prudent decision to help grow your retirement funds.  But, while shopping around, you most likely came across the word “rider” a lot.  Just what is a rider?  What do I need… Continue reading How Do Annuity Riders Work?

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Does Life Insurance Cover Funeral Costs?

Death.  It is something that eventually comes for all of us.  Whether young or old, rich or poor, we all will eventually find ourselves slipping out of this life.  Believe me, this concept doesn’t excite me any more than it does you.  However, as we consider our inescapable mortality, we need to make sure that we are seeing the big… Continue reading Does Life Insurance Cover Funeral Costs?

Can I Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance can be an interesting thing. There are many rumors and misunderstandings that surround it.  Do only breadwinners need coverage?  Are my premiums deductible?  Am I better off investing my money?  However, there seems to be one question in particular that has many people feeling lost: can/should I have more than one life insurance… Continue reading Can I Have More Than One Life Insurance Policy?

Financial Planning – Never Too Young to Start

Millennials have become adults in a very interesting time: in our years, one could argue we have seen more than our fair share of economic upticks and downturns.  Having been fortunate enough to grow up in a time where information is readily available (thanks, Internet), I’m sure that most of us are already familiar with… Continue reading Financial Planning – Never Too Young to Start

Work-Life Balance

Thinking about what I want to accomplish and setting goals happens at the beginning of each new year. Often my ‘resolutions’ are not as resolute as they should be to impact lasting change, and many trickle off by February and are forgotten. However, one thing that never changes is planning my annual camping trip; the… Continue reading Work-Life Balance

Saying Goodbye to Dad

Losing my dad to cancer was one of the toughest things I have had to do. The emotional and physical toll the death of a loved one has on the individual and family is exhausting. If that is not enough, you then have the financial responsibility of planning a funeral fitting of your loved one.… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Dad

Giving Back

There is no doubt that the holidays push us to do a little more for those around us. We come to reflect upon our lives and realize how much we have to be thankful for, and we then remember those who are not as fortunate and have come to meet certain trials in their life… Continue reading Giving Back

Hospital Indemnity – Why You Should Choose One

Healthcare is no longer an option, but a necessity. Without proper coverage, a single health-related event can be financially devastating. Many families are left to face insurmountable medical bills and associated costs. Many families forget fine details when planning for emergencies, such as out-of-pocket expenses left over after coverage has run out. 14 million Medicare… Continue reading Hospital Indemnity – Why You Should Choose One

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Going Green!

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company’s home has been on 2121 South State Street since 1948 in a historical building that has been a landmark for decades. As Sentinel’s growth continues, moving locations was a must. On June 3, 2013 Sentinel Security Life moved to a beautiful new location at 1405 West 2200 South in Salt… Continue reading Going Green!

Our Community

At Sentinel, we pride ourselves on being active and engaging citizens of our community. Once a quarter, an employee committee organizes a fundraising or volunteer opportunity that all departments are encouraged to participate in. Sentinel realizes that community involvement is not only vital to upholding our corporate values but also an excellent way to give… Continue reading Our Community

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Sentinel Plan Summit Bonus Index

It is extremely exciting that Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company is launching a new annuity product called the Summit Bonus Index℠ Annuity. This is a fixed index, single premium, deferred annuity contract with a premium bonus. This is the perfect product to add to our Annuity line of business. The Summit Bonus Index℠ Annuity has… Continue reading Sentinel Plan Summit Bonus Index

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Annuity Processing: Not Just Paper Pushing

I began my career at Sentinel in 2011; a month after the Personal Choice Annuity was launched. Annuity New Business is a tight-knit and dedicated team who eats, sleeps, and breathes our fixed rate annuity. Therefore, when I tell someone what I do for a living with great passion and excitement, and their eyes glaze… Continue reading Annuity Processing: Not Just Paper Pushing

Great Partnerships

Throughout history, great partnerships have accounted for incredible success stories in areas of exploration, sports, technology, business, and entertainment.  For example, the Corps of Discovery Expedition (1804–1806), was the first transcontinental expedition to the Pacific coast undertaken by the United States. The partnership responsible for this historic endeavor was led by Meriwether Lewis and William… Continue reading Great Partnerships

A.M. Best Rating and Why It’s Important

If you are new to the insurance world or have just become an agent, you may hear a lot about what a company’s A.M. Best rating is. Nowadays, most clients looking to purchase insurance or an investment product will conduct their own due diligence concerning how well the insurance company is rated—looking especially at how… Continue reading A.M. Best Rating and Why It’s Important

Life Insurance Awareness Month

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation (LIFE), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers make informed decisions about insurance has designated September as Life Insurance Awareness Month. Life insurance should be a necessary part of your family’s financial plan but unfortunately, up to 30 percent of US households have no life insurance whatsoever.* Why is… Continue reading Life Insurance Awareness Month

Why Sentinel?

We have our business answers of course. We have been serving the needs of the senior community for over 60 years by offering affordable final expense whole life policies to ease the stress of losing a loved one. We’ve expanded our product line to include Medicare Supplement and Select Options and just last year, we… Continue reading Why Sentinel?