Does your plan cover Fitness membership?

Does your plan cover Fitness membership?

No, it does not.


  • What medical expenses do you cover?

    1. We follow all Medicare guidelines. You will need to contact them at 800-633-4227 for specific procedures or codes.
    2. Refer to your policy for your supplemental plan coverage.

  • Which facilities are included in the USA Senior Care Network?

    Sentinel Security Life is proud to partner with USA Senior Care Networks.  USA MEDIGAP CPR® Network offers a network of respected facilities catering to the particular needs of the American Medicare market.  The provided link will take you to the facilities that are participating in each state.

  • What payment methods are accepted for premium payments?

    We only allow bank drafts or personal checks from the policy owner. No 3rd party checks are accepted.

  • How do I cancel my policy and get a refund for unused premium?

    Send a letter signed by the policy owner with proof of effective date from the new insurance carrier.

  • By how much or what percentage does the premium increase each year?

    We’re unable to give a specific amount or percentage. Each state sees different increases/decreases each year.

  • What is the premium increase schedule?

    Typically, on the anniversary

  • What happens if my premium payment is late?

    1. You are allowed a 30 day grace period to get premium to us. If you are past 30 days you will need to call us to get reinstatement paperwork.
    2. If you are past due 90 days you will need to contact your agent to reapply for coverage.

  • I received an EOB from sentinel that says I received a discount from the USA MCO network. However, the provider is still billing me. What should I do?

    USA MCO discounts are arranged between your provider and USA MCO. Your provider will need to contact them directly.

  • How do I change to a different plan?

    You will need to contact your agent to reapply for coverage with the new plan.

  • What happens when I pass away?

    Your executor will need to contact us to notify us of your passing and send a copy of a death certificate. We will then send a refund of the unused premium, if any.

  • Can I pay with my credit card?

    No, we’re unable to process premiums using credit cards. However, you can sign up for automatic bank draft.


  • What is the difference between Medicare select plans and Medicare standard plans?

    Medicare select plans designate that Part A inpatient care will need to be done in a hospital on the Select network list found in the resources tab.

  • Can you send me the bill monthly?

    If you’re not signed up for automatic bank draft, you will receive a quarterly invoice.

  • Do you cover my prescriptions?

    No, we currently do not have a prescription plan.

  • Do we have Silver Sneakers available with our Medicare supplement plans?

    At this time we do not offer Silver Sneakers. Please check back for possible updates.

  • Why did you draft my initial premium before the policy even went into effect?

    Initial premiums are drafted when your policy is approved by Underwriting. This ensures that your policy will be active on the requested effective date, without delay.

  • Who is in my network?

    By law, standard Medicare Supplement plans are accepted everywhere that accepts Medicare. The only exception being Select Plans.

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