Going Green!

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company’s home has been on 2121 South State Street since 1948 in a historical building that has been a landmark for decades. As Sentinel’s growth continues, moving locations was a must. On June 3, 2013 Sentinel Security Life moved to a beautiful new location at 1405 West 2200 South in Salt Lake City. The move became the perfect opportunity to kick old habits and make new and improved ones.

With a new building and an outstanding team, we as a company decided to seize the opportunity to begin Going Green. We learned that 75% of waste is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30% of it. This was a great starting point for Sentinel to begin the challenge of Going Green. Recycling receptacles have been placed in each break room and we have a separate recycling dumpster in our parking lot. Sentinel’s efforts in recycling has taken a momentous turn, and we are proud to have this program in place.

In addition to our recycling efforts, Sentinel has also taken steps to reduce waste in other ways, not just putting waste into the correct receptacles – why not reduce or eliminate it altogether where possible? Our IT team researched new printing options for the new building; with the goal of cutting down our printing costs and reducing paper waste. Through many discussions we concluded that having a central printer for each floor and dismissing employee’s desk printers would cut down on paper usage, as well as toner expenses. The new high volume printer defaults to print 2 sided, which uses and discards less paper. This small feat aids in conserving resources, reducing water and energy use, and preventing pollution.

Other efforts from our IT team include Installation of visual monitors in the conference rooms which enable us to share presentations on screen rather than printing out hard copies. Finally, implementing new scanning procedures for all of the new, as well as old, policies that are housed in our corporate office.

Our Sales and Marketing team researched and executed Electronic application software for our agents to utilize. These applications take place of paper applications which in turn conserves waste and promotes technology. Our Marketing team has spent countless hours to establish a user friendly website with access to all the forms that one would need to perform business as usual. Lastly, our Marketing team employs e-blast software for our notifications to the field in order to reduce paper waste.

With the move to a new building Sentinel found that we had an overabundance of office furnishings. The furnishings were donated to the International Rescue Committee to support the refugees in our community.

Through our research and analyses, we have realized what a difference small steps can make. We are excited to be stepping up to our Corporate Social Responsibility in caring for our environment and our community.

To learn more about Sentinel Security Life’s new location and Going Green efforts, please contact them 855-478-4037 or click here.