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Throughout history, great partnerships have accounted for incredible success stories in areas of exploration, sports, technology, business, and entertainment.  For example, the Corps of Discovery Expedition (1804–1806), was the first transcontinental expedition to the Pacific coast undertaken by the United States. The partnership responsible for this historic endeavor was led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.  To this day, Lewis and Clark are arguably the most famous exploration team in history.

Back in the mid 1930’s, Stanford University graduates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard joined forces with a budget of only $538 and a garage as their home office and turned the company into a global PC manufacturer with a 2012 annual revenue in excess of $120 Billion dollars [1].

Paul McCartney and John Lennon are well known as two of the four members of the Beatles.  However, few realize that in a short 7 year span they penned 180 songs.  27 of those songs reached #1 on the charts in either the US or UK.  EMI Records estimates that the Beatles have sold over one billion units worldwide [2].

One of my favorite sports is basketball and being a native of Utah, I am an avid fan of the Utah Jazz.  Any Jazz fan will fondly remember the glory days that included Karl Malone and John Stockton.  These two remarkable players combined to play in 2,980 games while scoring 56,539 points and helped the Utah Jazz to two NBA Finals appearances.  Stockton holds the NBA record for career assists, many of which went to Malone in helping him reach #2 on the career points list.  Both are members of the NBA Hall of Fame and set the standard for partnerships in professional basketball.

Since 1948 Sentinel has committed to being a valuable partner to policyholders, agents, and stockholders.  Over the past 3 years, Sentinel has seen tremendous growth in their product offerings, agents, and policyholders.  Along with this growth, Sentinel has made significant improvements in procedures, increased personnel, and upgraded systems to strengthen policyholder service.

With a strong senior market portfolio including Life, Medicare Supplement, Hospital Indemnity, and Annuity products, Sentinel is continually looking for innovative ways to provide premium products and services to their customers.  Agents who are ready to assist the millions of seniors who are looking for direction in these difficult times should strongly consider partnering with us to further develop their insurance practice.  Whether you are an agent or someone looking for one of the valuable products Sentinel provides, we invite you to learn more about partnering with Sentinel by visiting or by calling 800-247-1423.

Retirement planning can be difficult and confusing, often making you feel left in the dark to find the right path. Seeing this need, Sentinel has worked to light the way to greater financial security for individuals and families since 1948.

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