Guaranteed Income Annuity

The Guaranteed Income Annuity can help protect your future from risk while also growing your retirement money. This innovative annuity is designed to guarantee savings that last the entirety of a client’s life, provide a bright future and financial legacy to beneficiaries, or a combination of the two for those not completely sure of their retirement goals. This income driven annuity offers three riders, each addressing a different goal, making it versatile to cater to any retirement plan.
The Interest rates for the Guaranteed Income Annuity is based on the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). The LIBOR is a benchmark rate used throughout the world. LIBOR is used by many of the world’s leading banks to know how much they should charge one another for loans. Thanks to LIBOR, Sentinel is able to offer our clients potential to earn rewarding return in a rising rate environment. Typically as general interest rates increase, so does LIBOR, and vice versa.


LIBOR is designed to reflect the short term funding costs of major banks active in London, one of the world’s most important wholesale costs financial markets.


With the Guaranteed Income Annuity, you are given three different benefit riders tochoose from, each designed to help you achieve your retirement goals. Select the rider that best suits your needs.

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider*

If your main goal is to make sure you have a dependable income source for your retirement, this rider is designed for you. The Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider will give you a guaranteed amount of income for your lifetime so that you can have a continual steady stream of money always coming in. This rider helps provide more financial confidence that you will have enough retirement income for your lifetime. This rider is available for a fee.
Not available in all states. Contact an agent or visit for listings.

Legacy Benefit Rider

Are you looking to leave an additional amount to your beneficiaries? With the Legacy Benefit Rider you place the focus on making sure those you care about are taken care of. Each year on your contract anniversary your Legacy Benefit Base will increase by the interest rates applied to your accumulation value, plus a guaranteed 4% stacked on top. Your death benefit has the potential to grow to 300% of the amount of your purchase payments! This rider is available for a fee.

Accumulation Benefit Rider


Perhaps what you are aiming to do with your retirement is provide your funds an opportunity to grow with minimum risk while receiving the benefits of the other riders. If so, we would recommend selecting the Accumulation Benefit Rider. Your Benefit Base interest rate is 175% of interest applied to the Accumulation Value for the first roll-up period of 10 years. This is also the only rider with zero fees!

Guaranteed Income Annuity Rates

Effective 06/08/2020
10 Year
Premium BonusGLWB Rider:8.00%
Legacy Rider: 10.00% for issue ages under 71
5.00% for issue ages 71-80
3.00% for issue ages 81-85
Accum Rider:10.00% for issue ages under 71
8.00% for issue ages 71-80
6.00% for issue ages 81-85
1st Year Rate1.00% (with subsequent purchase premium)
Current Rate Guarantee2 Yrs
Optional Riders and CostGLWB Rider:1.25% fee years 1-5, 1.60% fee years 6-10 (10 year contract)
Legacy Benefit Rider1.25% fee years 1-5, 1.60% fee years 6-10 (10 year contract)
Accumulation RiderNo Fee


LIBOR is designed to reflect the short term funding costs of major banks active in London, one of the world’s most important wholesale costs financial markets.
Retirement planning can be difficult and confusing, often making you feel left in the dark to find the right path. Seeing this need, Sentinel has worked to light the way to greater financial security for individuals and families since 1948.

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