Telephone Application Available For Life Insurance

Obtaining life insurance just got easier. We have recently launched a new platform to compete our life insurance application—the TeleApp!

This easy-to-use development is just another way Sentinel is innovating our processes to ensure our clients and agents have the best possible experience!

A telephone application (TeleApp) direct line has been implemented where both agents and client(s) call in together and complete the application start to finish with a friendly Sentinel Security Life representative. This process is exciting because it has point-of-sale underwriting and a policy is generated before the call is finished.

The application follows the same format as the traditional paper application, but it is filled out by the Sentinel representative as question prompts are answered. Upon receival of client permission, the proposed insured’s medical history is pulled electronically and evaluated by an innovative underwriting engine. In a matter of minutes, a decision is generated and the client is notified if they are eligible for our New Vantage I, II, or III product. It is not uncommon for insurance candidates to have special circumstances regarding their current prescription or medical history— If additional information is required or if unique circumstances need explained, a representative from our underwriting team can review the application and even join the conference call, if necessary.

This new system provides a host of benefits over traditional methods such as:

  • Point-of-sale underwriting decision
  • Easy, simple and quick application process
  • Minimize errors and not-in-good-order applications
  • Avoid copying redundant information
  • Quick issue

The same benefits of the paper application are available such as available first day coverage, optional post-dated effective and draft dates, the owner, payor and insured can be separate individuals (each individual, if different from the insured, will need to provide some information and their voice signature during the telephone application), and the offer of the automatic premium loan and/or any desired riders. Clients can feel confident in this process because their questions can be answered mid-process, changes can be made along the way such as adjusted premium amount, rider selections and effective and draft dates.

The TeleApp expedites the traditional application process because the personal health interview is completed simultaneously on the call so there is no need for the additional call required with a paper application. The application process typically takes under 30 minutes and eliminates the hassle of mail, fax, and emails, processing times and eliminates the potential for applications to be partially completed before submission.

Imagine having a life insurance policy completed in a half hour and the policy printed and in the mail 24-48 hours later—now stop imagining and contact our TeleApp direct line because this is indeed a reality at Sentinel Security Life.

Retirement planning can be difficult and confusing, often making you feel left in the dark to find the right path. Seeing this need, Sentinel has worked to light the way to greater financial security for individuals and families since 1948.

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