About Us

The Sentinel story started 70 years ago in 1948. A group of passionate Utah funeral directors saw many families in need of an insurance product designed to help pay funeral costs. To help meet this need, they came together and created Sentinel Mutual Insurance Company. At last families were able to receive an affordable life insurance policy designed to pay for the final expenses of a loved one.
As the years went by a few name changes took place (going from Sentinel Mutual Insurance Company to Sentinel Insurance Company in 1954 to Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company in 1957). In more recent years Sentinel decided to expand its product offerings beyond final expense. In 2009, the company rolled out a Medicare Supplement product to help pay the gaps not covered by Medicare. This was followed by the development of multiple innovative annuity products (Personal Choice Annuity in 2011, Summit Bonus Index in 2013, and Personal Choice Plus in 2017). With consistent and solid growth, Sentinel remains well-positioned to continue creating and rolling out new innovative products to better serve our client base.
As we celebrate our 70th anniversary this year, we look back at our history of service with pride and excitement for the future. We invite you to become part of our story as we work to provide peace of mind to families throughout the country.
  • 1948


    Sentinel Mutual Insurance Company Founded
    (by a group of Utah Funeral Directors)

  • 1954


    Sentinel Insurance Company Advances as a Capital Stock Insurer

  • 1957


    Brand Name Evolves:
    Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company

  • 1960


    Sentinel Surprasses Goal: $2 Million Assets

  • 1962


    Acquisition of Uinta National Insurance Company of Utah & United Reserve Life Company of Montana

  • 1965


    Acquisition of National Mutual Insurance Company of Utah

  • 2007


    Growth Milestone: $131.9 Million
    (Insurance Inforce)

  • 2009


    Medicare Supplement Added to Product Offerings

  • 2011


    Personal Choice Annuity Expands Sentinel Product Line & Grows to $154 Million in Assets

  • 2012


    Sentinel Broadens Portfolio with Hospital Advantage Product & Exceeds $300 Million in Assets

  • 2013


    Innovative Summit Bonus Index Annuity Product Launched

  • 2014


    Sentinel Grows to $470 Million in Assets & Raises $15 Million of Additional Capital and Surplus

  • 2015


    Sentinel Grows to $500 Million in Assets & Raises $10 Million of Additional Capital and Surplus

  • 2016


    Sentinel Grows to $617 Million in Assets.

  • 2017


    Sentinel Launches Personal Choice Plus Annuity, further diversifying the Annuity Offerings

  • 2018


    Celebrating our 70th Anniversary!

  • Present Day

    Present Day

    Sentinel Security Life continues to grow and help bring you a peace of mind.

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